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202 Deluxe Rocking Giraffe

Woodworking Plans for the Rocking Giraffe 202

  • This deluxe, full size Rocking Giraffe is suitable for all kids from the ages 2 to 99!
  • This lovely rocker makes a perfect gift for any youngster from the ages 2 to 8 and can be comfortably ridden by an adult. You can be sure that this toys will never be outgrown. Once it is no longer ridden, it would make a perfect place to drape a teenager's wardrobe on.
  • Approximate dimensions: 40" H x 45" L x 19" W
  • Contains full size pattern, instructions & photos
  • Designed for 2" softwood and hardwood lumber
  • These plans and instructions assume an Intermediate to Expert Level of Skills in woodworking and related safety requirements when using power tools.
  • Woodworking plans are sent by mail via Canada Post. They usually arrive within 7 to 10 days from date of order. Due to postal rate structure, plans sent outside of Canada or the USA cost significantly more to ship.
  • Some rockers pictured below also show the Toddler Rocking Giraffe 102 for size comparison

Working from our Woodworking Plans

If you are a woodworker who has purchased our Plans to build, please follow all safety requirements for the tools you use. The plans and instructions assume a basic level of skills in woodworking and related safety requirements when using power tools. We would like for you to be building wonderful things for years to come ;-)


Please also keep in mind that construction materials and finishes need to take into account the final use of the items built. For the sake of your precious little ones, be sure that the finish on your rocking toys are non-toxic. It's amazing what little kids will chew on!


Our small Rocking Toys are intended for toddlers who are able to maintain their balance. They are suitable for young children although we have caught our teens still sitting on them :-) They are built strongly enough that even adults of medium build could safely sit on them with no risk of breaking.

Being parents ourselves, we know how precious your little ones are to you and we know that you share our concern about safety. Toddlers should not be left unattended even if they are enjoying playing on the rockers. Vigorous rocking will move the rocking toy so these toys should not be used close to breakable objects that could be bumped or near stairs where your child could fall. All of our edges are rounded or eased to prevent injury. Children should never be allowed to stand or kneel on the seat of the rocker or use the rocker as a step ladder.


Quality Always: We suggest you use quality, kiln or air dried dried lumber and quality finishes. The final finish consists of several clear coats of hand buffed durable urathane.

Our construction involves assembly that makes extensive use of glue and dowels. We recommend you reinforce areas with hardwood dowels to prevent breakage along the grain and due to torque. Consider using a variety of cabinetwork connectors, all hidden by plugs or dowels to maximize strength and final appearance.

These toys have been built for indoor use. The finish is not intended to withstand moisture or rain although it can be wiped down during cleaning. It is made to be durable but may need to be touched up if loved too vigorously for too long. If that happens, just give it a "facelift" by renewing the final finish coat.

Some pictures of projects made from our plans

Here is what some of our satisfied customers had to say:

"I only have a drill with bits; rotary rasp, orbital sander, lots of sandpaper, chisels, wood rasps, and jig saw,...basically, very basic wood working tools. But thanks to your pattern and help, I finished the giraffe. Thanks, I hope this makes you proud. Everyone seems to really love it. I did better than I thought I could, that's for sure. Zebra next, wish me luck. Thanks again" CC, Kansas USA

"Back in March I purchased your plans for the Rocking Giraffe. Thought you might like to see how it came out. Thanks you made a grandchild very happy." TF, Connecticut USA


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Woodworking Plans for 202 Rocking Giraffe