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501 Junior Muskoka Chair for Toddlers

Woodworking Plans for the Rocking Pony 103

  • Designed for TODDLERS and ages 1 to 6
  • The chair is built to scale and can be comfortably sat in by young children
  • Approximate dimensions: 19" W x 22" H x 22" L
  • Contains full size pattern, instructions & photos
  • Designed for 3/4" pine
  • These plans and instructions assume a BASIC Level of Skills in woodworking and related safety requirements when using power tools.
  • Woodworking plans are sent by mail via Canada Post. They usually arrive within 7 to 10 days from date of order. Due to postal rate structure, plans sent outside of Canada or the USA cost more to ship.

Working from our Woodworking Plans

If you are a woodworker who has purchased our Plans to build, please follow all safety requirements for the tools you use. The plans and instructions assume a basic level of skills in woodworking and related safety requirements when using power tools. We would like for you to be building wonderful things for years to come ;-)

Please also keep in mind that construction materials and finishes need to take into account the final use of the items built. For the sake of your precious little ones, be sure that the finish on your rocking toys are non-toxic. It's amazing what little kids will chew on!


Being parents and grandparents ourselves, we know how precious your little ones are to you and we know that you share our concern about safety. Toddlers should never be left unattended even if they are enjoying playing on the chair.


Quality Always: We suggest you use quality, kiln or air dried dried lumber and quality finishes. The final finish consists of several clear coats of hand buffed durable urathane.

These toys have been built for indoor and outdoor use.  It is made to be durable but may need to be touched up if loved too vigorously for too long. If that happens, just give it a "facelift" by renewing the final finish coat.

Some pictures of projects made from our plans




GMB Toys

Woodworking Plans for 501 Junior Muskoka Chair

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